Okay it does sound like a Progressive rock band, but it is some more mini painting.

You know what, I don’t think I like these, maybe it is just the colours and after painting lots of bright things perhaps these just look a bit bland. Not sure what happened to the reins, I must have caught it with some brown when I was adding the brown to the base, it is still wet in this photo.

I will have a look at them again tomorrow and see what I think in better light.

Fellowship of the Ring is finished, tomorrow onto the Two Towers…

Lots more things to paint 😉

4 thoughts on “Aragorn and the Ork

  1. I don’t think they look bad but a couple of thoughts you might consider. The orc’s skin and the one decapitated head might be a bit too similar in color. I’d make one of them more of a dark brown to contract with the other. A green color would work too. For Aragorn, he has a lot of black and you might consider trying dark gray or blue to breathe a little more life into him. Black is not an easy color to paint too so it is an easy way to avoid having to do so! 🙂 Keep the updates coming!

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