So the Two Towers is finished and we are onto the Return of the King. We watch part one tomorrow evening.

Anyway, these evening I undercoated the Greenstuff white and messed around tidying up the other Uruk minis.

I then proceeded to get some paint onto the wargs. The Gore Grunta brown, seemed a little pale, so I gave it a bit of a shake, then tried again on a second one… still a bit pale..”twas then I realised it wasn’t what I thought it was!

But in the words of Bob Ross, there are no mistakes only happy little accidents!

Still a fair bit to go on them as I want to darken the top of them a bit more as well as paint in teeth etc.

Today was a bit of a nightmare, okay total exaggeration there, as we are in the eye of the storm, or one has past and another is on its way, but anyway we decided to take the trailer full of rubbish into the tip, I pumped up the tyre as it was flat, got to the top of the track and it fully blew out… so I swore and undid the spare, only to find I needed a different sized spanner to get the wheel off. Luckily we were close to home, (200m in fact) so I mooched back down the track to find something in one of the other cars. Luckily one of them fit, so in 0c I had to get a tyre changed. Luckily the bolts all came out, one fought me all the way! So 25 minutes later we set off again. Only to find all the skips in the dump were pretty much full. Not to be stopped we managed to squeeze everything in somehow. I really felt for all of the people behind us as we just about got stuff in, they had sod all chance unless their cars, vans and pickups were all full of wood, metal or garden waste.

We will try and get the fridge in tomorrow, luckily that just get stood in a compound. I say try as the gales and rain are back with a vengeance tomorrow.

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