Tonight we started on the Lord of the Ringsathon. One film every night until we have watched them all… so I nipped out into the shed, located this lot and sprayed them white…

I also had a blast at finishing the Chaos marines…

I though I had finished them until I saw the photo! I still need to do the eyes on the one in the middle.

Shouldn’t take long to do that, unless I throw red paint everywhere.

So once these were finished I made a start on these two…

I will carry on with them tomorrow.

Oh whilst I remember… the painting competition….

I was pleasantly surprised that I was in the top three for a number of classes….

Fantasy Small Miniature…3rd with 6.67% of the vote

Sci Fi Small miniature … 3rd with 10%

Fantasy large miniature…didn’t enter

Sci Fi large miniature… didn’t enter

Fantasy unit… not placed in top 3, but one of them got 3rd in small miniature above

Sci fi unit… 2nd with 26.67% of the vote.

All in all very pleased to be placed at all as there was some really awesome painting on show.

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