This is a rewrite of the post I did last night. Somehow it disappeared. If truth be told, it might have been a case of user error as I was tired and hurrying to get it finished before midnight! Update, having just nearly done it again, it is not a good idea to hit discard draft instead of update draft.

On the non hobby front, I ended up with two new jobs. The first was in the back end of May being a temporary Deputy Head Teacher (vice Principal) of one of our two High Schools. This was a secondment until I started on as the Head Teacher of one of our small Primary schools. In June and July this had a massive knock on effect on both my painting and blogging. In June I managed only six posts and about ten in July, partly for being knackered and secondly we went on our hols to Orkney. Since the start of August I have blogged every day for 148 days straight.

To be honest in the vast majority of those days I have managed to paint something, sometimes whole units and other times I might have managed to paint a bit of braid on a couple of miniatures. I have also tried to show a bit of where I live as well as giving the odd interesting story from Shetland.

So anyway, what have I painted this year?

Probably not as much as I would have liked, but yeah, life and work sometimes gets in the way. To be fair, I reckon that the use of this paint has speeded up my rate of getting things painted.

These are a case in point…

All done in a Harry Potter film. From white undercoat to Finished in one sitting isn’t too shabby, to be fair they weren’t the most complicated of miniatures to finish .

So onto the quasi list….


I really noticed the difference in painting these. Way back into last January I made a start on the 10mm Wood Elf Army. This was done in two parts, the first part was painted in regular GW/AP paint and took forever, there were a few posts on how slow they were. And I quote “nearly lost the will to live but pushed through the barriers of whatever was stopping me getting on with them.” The second part (See below) was done with Contrast paint and it really, really speeded things up. These were done in about 4 hours over a weekend.

I also painted up:

A Conquistador Force

An Aztec Army

A Scalian Army

I also painted up various other random 10 and 15mm minis I had lying around.

again, Contrast paint made all the difference.

I painted a whole load of infantry for Starship Troopers as well as the odd Bug


A lot of September was printing and painting tanks and making/printing terrain

for the Games Day

Later on again in terms of 28mm, I managed to get both forces from Beastgrave painted…

Some troops and nasties for Aliens

I also painted more troops for Flintloque

And finally onto some Harry Potter minis and some GW minis too

This is not an exhaustive list, I have painted various other bits and pieces of 3D printed stuff too as well as other miniatures.

The 3D Printer has been busy this year, it has gone through three rolls of filament.

Well done if you have managed to make it to the end of this post

So rather than say what I am planning for next year, I will leave that for another post tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “2019 Round-up…

  1. Well done to me I made it to the end. They’re amazing, I’ve allways been interested in Warhamer, I’ve never been in a store or played it though 🤔. I love the predator you’ve painted, it looks really good.

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  2. Amazing how much we, and in this case you, get done in a year. An impressive haul along with posting daily. Not quite sure how you manage it all what with work and family to take your time. Quite a year. Hopefully 2020 will prove to be just as successful. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is some round up you done loads! I’m struggling to pick a favorite between your bestgrove stuff, Aztec army and your predator model.
    But great work and thanks for the inspiration your blog given me over they year.


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