So Mr Beardy was good to me this year I must have been somewhere on his good list. I was luck to get £60 in cash as well as a couple of books. Two of my kids and I went thirds on a VR system for the console. My wife asked if I had checked to see if it was all there, I hadn’t but told her it would be fine…evidently it wasn’t! It had none of the cables including the power cable and then none of the download codes for any of the games. Luckily the kids were fine about it. I however was a whining brat!

The other thing we as a family got was a new game…

I haven’t really had a chance to read the rules yet but it has some really nice miniatures…

Mounted warriors flying on birds as well as foot warriors…

The foot mice are all unipose, the rats basically are too apart from one of them. These are really soft plastic a bit like Reaper Bones. I don’t think I will bother painting them as I don’t know how they will stand up to being used.

Other things I am going to have to help with are this lot….

As well as help finishing off the miniatures from the Harry Potter game already started (I am instructed to paint Harry and Ron) and then help with these three…

All in all, a lot of painting is going to take place, I might get to paint something of mine too!

I can’t really complain too loudly as I helped Santa choose them for the kids.

Still trying to decide how and on what to spend my pennies on… part of my thinks Kill Team or possibly Necromunda. On the fantasy side more stuff for Beastgrave or possibly start saving it up for a resin printer 😂😂😂

9 thoughts on “Christmas Haul

  1. Well done on the 60 Quid mate, spend it wisely, the tech advised just saw your photo of the HP girls and was very impressed, and then she saw your tail feather critters and was very excited and she is looking forward to seeing them painted, may be I’ll end up with a gamer in the family !!

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  2. I forgot to tell you Tech and I checked out those Pendraken Amazons , me wow they are weird eh , her , they are that bad they couldn’t be offensive.😅😂🤣,thanks for pointing them out mate , I’m always curious of what is out there .

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  3. A good collection there! You’ve been a bad influence here, since I got the Osprey campaign book on Tenochtitlan and have another second hand book coming on Aztecs and conquistadores. Having seen your excellent Aztecs though, there is no way I’m gonna paint any! 🙂

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