So much for an early finish, get stuff painted…yeah that never happened, but to be honest I am not actually complaining. My wife and I went out with our friends for a meal, in an actual restaurant. We worked it out, that it was the fifth time in 14 years that we had been out together without any of the children. Two of those times were because the friends we went out with tonight did the baby sitting!

It wasn’t a completely unproductive evening as I managed to download a file from Thingiverse then slice and print it off.

I am rather pleased with it….

It started out as an full sized anatomical skull, which I shrunk in Cura. It took 4 hours plus to print. It is for my brother in law who wanted a skull to draw. He wants it so that he can see where the light and shade falls. I didn’t fancy printing a full sized version as it was going to take two days to print (well to be fair …one day 23 hours and a fair few minutes).

The filament colour doesn’t actually look too bad off the spool. Further to this, it allows things to be photographed without having to undercoat them.

The first thing I printed in this colour was another couple of lizards, all of which went down really well with my class and my colleague’s girls.

Tomorrow I hope to paint something… wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Nothing, Nowt and Sod All

  1. In November my wife and I had two nights in a row in our house without children for basically the first time since we had children (our oldest is 17). We ended up binge-watching season 1 of American Gods!

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