Tonight I decided enough was enough and got the bases done on these. They are finished now, with only a varnish layer or two and some dilute PVA on the bases.

I decided on a different approach to applying the flock to the bases.

I went for superglue…. This was for two reasons, one I didn’t have enough PVA inside the house and secondly the winds were up to 65mph and the rain drops were the size of marbles and the rest of the PVA was in the bottom shed.

I have never tried superglue as a basing glue before so who knows what it is going to look like in the long run.

Anyway the stuff has stuck, so here are another couple of photos from different angles…

And finally from the lance side…

You can just about see the sheepskin on the nearest one. It really has made them stable.

As I said in an earlier post I have missed off the wings and made these terrestrial cavalry.

I really do like the red on these, definitely different to most of the rest of the undead forces.

As I enjoyed painting these the. I might just have to make a start on the Ostarian Hussars. I am still miffed with the hellhounds (childish I know) but right now I really cannot be bothered to paint them.

I was thinking about it today and I have never seen a manufacturer photograph of the hounds near any other miniatures in the range. Scale creep is a thing, but this is the first time I have seen scale creep getting smaller.

Tomorrow I might get the doggies out and make a start on them.

10 thoughts on “Undead Guard Hussars… All Done

  1. I like them a lot! The next lot look an interesting bunch as well! I’d maybe just try and live with the fact that dogs come in different sizes and try and hide the smaller figures lying sprawled on the bases. I was going to try out some scratchbuilt Milliput horns on our chihuahuas for you, but my wife spotted me with the superglue so I decided that not only was discretion the better part of valour, but cowardice was the better part of discretion! 😉

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  2. I really like the color scheme you chose for the Hussars. It suits the undead theme well and it reminds me a bit of Warhammer’s old Vampire Counts as well. They are nice little models and you did a great job painting and basing them!

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