I nearly got these finished tonight, needed to wait for things to dry so I should manage to get them completed tomorrow.

In all honesty, all I really need to do now is to get the centre of the flowers done and the. That is about it, apart from making sure I haven’t missed anything.

I decided on yellow eyes without a pupil. There was a lot of Doreen on each mini, and I wanted something a little bit different. I can’t tell whether it is visible or not in the photo. I used the same colour as the flowers.

I am not sure what to do with the base rim, I will have to decide whether I leave it with the mottled look or whether to paint it black or dark brown.

Tomorrow I will finish these off then get the other set built too.

9 thoughts on “Fey… So Close

  1. Hey mate they are looking good and the gold is showing up well in this photo, the yellow eyes are a great idea ,the bases look really good to me as they are but I’ll leave that up to you ,everyone has to have those moments of do I don’t I ,Ha Ha !!

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  2. They’re looking really good!
    You’ve really brought out the best in the miniatures.
    Can’t decide on the bases either, cause they look pretty good as they are, but curiosity makes me want to see them painted too.
    Best of luck.

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