I did some more work on these tonight…

Metalwork is pretty much done, bases started too. I am going to repaint the quiver as I did it silver and it looks totally naff. I also did a couple of the flowers on the bases dark blue and to be honest they don’t look right at all. I will have a go at red or orange and see what they look like then.

One thing I must do is sort out their eyes, I am thinking green, no visible pupils, just greenish eyes that would befit some kind if fey creature. I will have to have a think and see where I get with my perusing.

I spent a bit more money today!

I managed to get it cheap on a Facebook selling group, I have been after it for a while, so here is hoping that I like it. If not the miniatures can be used in my RPG and the adventures likewise.

Back to teaching tomorrow after half term and then a couple of training days.

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