So after a night off yesterday I got back into things again tonight…

That is all tracks and wheels done on the German tanks.

It is quite interesting that some had a white undercoat and a couple of layers of paint and some had a black undercoat and about six layers of paint. I bet you can’t tell which is which.

It’s a bit late in the day to worry about it now. This is the first real time they have been next to each other. Tomorrow they will get a wash and some numbers and that will be them pretty much done. The kubelwagen will get the silver and blue Contrast paint for the windows. Once all of the tanks are painted I will give them a few coats of varnish to help them last a bit longer.

Still a fair bit to go… I have found a 3D printed baseboard on Thingiverse which I might print out. I am running out of both time and filament so I might be reduced to printing them on paper.

I will order some PLA this evening and hope for the best.

I was having an early night tonight, but sadly started watching YouTube

These guys and gals made me laugh out loud. If you have played any kind of computer game you will understand how funny these are.

3 thoughts on “DAK … Making a Start

  1. You’re doing well there! Can I assume PLA refers to 3-D print material and has nothing to do with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army? I tend to prime/undercoat in a colour close to one of the main final colours where possible, which means I only usually need two coats overall, but that could be because I brush paint everything (except varnish). Funnily enough, I’ve never been a fan of back as an undercoat!

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    1. Hi John, PLA is the filament yes, it is made from corn starch etc so should be biodegradable. It also doesn’t smell as much. Personally I don’t like a black undercoat either and like you tend to go for something similar, sadly we can’t get Army painter rattle cans up here, they were great for lots of different colour options for a base coat. I used the last of my desert sand on the French armour. In hindsight I should have resprayed them, but they are either new tanks off the boat or old tanks that have been in country for a while.

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