I decided to leave the paint brushes where they were tonight and took a night off. I had a meeting with my Line manager in school today. I thought it would be an hour… it was two and a half. He is a great guy, sadly he is off South next month. I really hope I get a good replacement. Even though he is a nice, supportive guy, it was still a little stressful as I have only been in post 8 weeks.

I left work at 17.30 only to find my wife needed rescuing from Lerwick (we still only have one car – better than last week when we had no car… we picked up a cheap one to keep us going until insurance is sorted out on mine and My wife’s one escapes from the garage).

Anyway enough of my life history!

I got a package!!!

Yep my Tin Soldier package arrived safe and sound.

It was filled to the brim with Samurai goodness 😁

A nice little DBA army… but this is where it gets interesting…

I couldn’t remember whether the army pack came with Sashimono or not. So I put a little note in saying I had ordered three packs of them, but if the army pack came with them just add some more minis to the price of the back banners.

I was a bit surprised to find three packs of back banners and…

Yep… a pack of mounted archers and a pack of Ashigaru archers too!

But there is even more….

Please note the number of figures and the amount for the army pack. The only thing I can think of is that the infantry come in 8’s it is easier to split them in half than have the odd figures lying around.

Either way Tin Soldier are most definitely on my top five traders list. The two extra packs are a very kind gesture. Each pack would have cost me £2.75. However what it means is that when the car shenanigans are over I will definitely purchase another DBA Samurai army at the very least.

For those that are interested, this is the list

The figures themselves are lovely and I can’t wait to get some paint on them… looks like my orctober is potentially going to be Samuraiober instead.

So a big thank you to them, oh and also to the people who have managed to make it to the end of my rambling post.

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