Well technically there was some progress the Panzer 38T got about 6 millimetres high before the bloody printer went and died on me.

It is, to coin a German phrase, Kerfucktenbuggered! What makes it worse is that I had just found a source of short barrelled Early Stug III not to mention armoured cars, M3’s trucks and the like… to put it mildly I am a bit miffed.

Thankfully I have got enough stuff to run a game, but not enough to have a second set to give away.

To compound my misery further my voice keeps cracking I now sound like a child whose voice is cracking and then my Wife’s car broke down in Lerwick so I had to go and pick her up, popped into the shop to get some things and good old Dale the assistant had to chat, so Captain Helium had to explain what he had been up to today.

On the up side, the garage phoned me up today to say the part they evidently ordered errr before I went to Orkney (round about the start of August) has now turned up! It is booked in next Tuesday.

I now have to decide whether to investigate to see what went kaput on the printer or get it sent back to Amazon as luckily it is less than a year old.

I will let you know how I get on.

9 thoughts on “Tanks…Absolutely No Progress

  1. See, this presents me with a conundrum! By “liking” your post, by association I’m liking the fact that this has been one of those days where life for you could have been better, and I don’t like that at all! But by not liking the post, I’m failing to show support on one of those days when you might feel like you could use some! So, on a balance I’ve decided to “like” the post itself and throw in some free motivational advice – get on with those samurai, they’re not going to paint themselves! 🙂
    And I’ve now spotted Azazel’s comment and realised he’s maybe been presented with the very same conundrum, but he’s been more diplomatic with his response!

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