So today involved some more tanks and giving them a spray of white undercoat so that I can use the airbrush to get some colour on. So I now have six Matilda, three Char B and four Somua (technically I have four and a bit Char B, but I need to print another turret before it is finished).

Things took slightly longer as the Somua in the middle had a bit of an accident. As I was stripping away the support I managed to pull both tracks off as well as the back off the turret. This is probably due to damp getting into the PLA causing it not to stick as well. I just need to find out what colours I have and what colours I need before I can get these painted.

I also ended up listening to this…

I remember doing a lot of Vietnam wargaming, primarily with Esci 20mm plastics and using Bodycount rules.

I then bought some 1/200 scale kit at a convention then kind of went off it again until, funnily enough, joining the Shetland club. I ran an RPG based on an Alpha team in the highlands of Vietnam. We had a hoot. Five players… a four man Alpha team and a Kit Carson scout. As all of my stuff had gone, I went for cardboard troops and flats for vehicles.

I still have the card figures…

Hopefully my good lady will bring the laptop back with her soon so that I can start on some more Germans. The other thing I will need to print are some more roofs for the buildings. Hopefully I have some suitable desert colours for the allies.

13 thoughts on “More Tanks… Again….

  1. Good progress! I like the look of those Somuas! I have two of them to do in 20mm but have not yet decided on the colour scheme – I have never seen anything as confusing as the array of colour schemes for pre-WW2 French tanks (so assume that whatever you go with can’t be wrong)! 🙂

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    1. To be fair I blagged a laptop and iPad however the council will only put certain software onto a council computer, as cura, the slicing software isn’t really necessary to run a school they might look a little askance if I ask for it.

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      1. You don’t have access to install (another copy of) your own software? Or is it a mac/pc thing? Sorry for being nosy, but I’m genuinely curious. And it being a council, rather than school computer is also interesting. I guess some of it comes from being in a small population area?

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      2. Certain software is downloadable as it has been pre approved eg Adobe, Microsoft’s outlook etc. However anything else needs to be installed by a technician. We aren’t allowed things like Dropbox or anything cloud based as it could compromise the council’s reputation. At one point they stopped Google images, but very quickly relented. Bugger is that a lot of stuff on Google images is a Pinterest pic… which is, as you might have guessed, banned. Our ICT department is a council, corporate department and not an education one, this can cause a bit of a strained relationship at times. I have worked quite closely with them as I was in charge of a government ICT intranet called Glow.. also a mate of mine, who now lives in your neck of the woods, – well country, was the main ICT man. I haven’t heard from in in about 8 years now.

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      3. Well, that it certainly messed up in a lot of ways not to have that autonomy, but as you said – it’s a council’s corporate IT department who appear to know bugger-all about what’s needed in education. You could always make a case for them adding Cura as you’re interested in exploring 3d printing for use in Education, which is most definitely a thing worldwide these days, and obviously as a complete novice, you’d want to play around with the free software before allocating school budget funds to the purchase of a 3d printer…

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