Hurrah, the laptop is back and tonight has been spent slicing tanks.

Somewhere I have a set of pre sliced tanks but I cannot find them…

Sliced up and ready for printing are the following:

MkIII with a long 50mm



Early Stug with and without schurtzen

I still need to slice a MkIV

I also sliced a Churchill… sadly it is a MKIII, I couldn’t find a MK1… well I could, but it was 1/72 instead of 1/100. I decided against the A10 etc as who in their right mind would want to play with one.

Just for fun, I also sliced a kubelwagen, an Austin 10 staff car and an Austin 7 Tilly. The latter is printing now.

So the allied force looks like this…

This will be split into two equal sets, one for me and one for the prize. I will print either two or four Churchill’s (I haven’t decided yet – they take over three hours each to print).

As for the Axis so far:

Yeah the Tiger would splat the allied tanks on its own, but it is for me. I might do a me against all comers with a Tiger, which might be fun…

The Panther is obviously in the wrong timeframe, but so far two MkIII’s a MkIV and two 38T’s (the MKII is a bit confused as I have a track from a C and a D on it… at least you can’t see both sides at the same time.

The buildings are mostly glued together too.

I have another half dozen that need roofs. I will have to get them printed off too. The scale is off with them, the seem more 1/72 than 1/100. In hindsight I should have reduced the size a bit more, but too late now.

The Tilly has just finished printing and here she is…

I will see what other non tracked vehicles are available, I really want a 222 as they are my all time favourite AFV.

Right I can go to bed now that the print has finished. It took a total of 1 hour 24 minutes to complete.

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