As expected I only managed a smidge tonight due to Birthday shenanigans and a meeting with the parents at the school.

But at least I managed to get some painting done…

I pretty much finished the pack donkeys as well as throwing a bit more paint on the Samurai.

I really do enjoy painting the Tin Soldier miniatures… pretty much more than any other 15’s I have painted. I do like the style of them too. Once next month comes then I reckon an order will go in for the Samurai army. Still unsure whether to go early or late or get some extra bits to allow flexibility. Problem is I really like the warrior monks which kind of cements it into a time frame if I go historical. If however I go down the HOTT route then I can pretty much do what I like 😉

This was the thing that got me into Samurai gaming

I pretty much had all of these ‘ Standard Games’ wargames apart from the Dark Swords fantasy one. This one came out in 1984 so showing my age a bit 😂.

Then of course the Computer age came along and with it came Shogun – Total War. I played as every clan and became Daimyo in each case. I still have it… I wonder if it will work on my laptop🤔.

Weather has blown up again tonight, but there was a nice rainbow on the way to work this morning…

The land on the other side of the sea is where I am heading… unfortunately I have to drive about six miles to get to where can be seen.

Tomorrow I will crack on with painting some more things. But before I do I might look to see if I still have Samurai blades.. I know I have the Viking and Outremer ones… but the Samurai one would be cool to dust off and have a little play.

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