I decided to push on with the miniatures in the box with the Conquistadors…

To the left we have the Tin Soldier Samurai, next are the GW lizard swarm, the donkeys are Tin Soldier and finally we have the Fat Dragon 3D printed Lizardmen.

They all still have a fair old way to go, but at least they are started.

I will try and get some more done tomorrow, I have a meeting in the school at 7 tomorrow night as well as being my middle daughter’s 11th Birthday. So if I get anything done it will likely be minimal.

Lerwick had some visitors today, when I was in Tesco getting the shopping!!!

I blagged this off Facebook and left in the photographers name as it is only fair. By all accounts it was Orca 3 – Seals 0 (or perhaps that was yesterday… sadly for the one above it was a definite 1:0)

just bloody typical…again.

Never mind I will get to see them again sometime.

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