I seem to have run out of Aztecs!

I cracked on this evening and managed to finish the Jaguar warriors.

I am a bit miffed but you can’t really see the jaguar skin pattern. The tlahuiztli on the two at the front the red one and nearest were deliberately just done in black dots, the rest were done with black shapes filled with a darker or lighter colour. You can just about see it on the second row nearest figure.

But apart from painting the bases of the commoners brown and flocking them all then my Aztec army is done.

In the last 5 evenings I painted this lot…

This is the whole army…

in the last month (from 7th August to 4th September) I have managed to paint this little lot…

Two armies…one fantasy – the Scalians and one historical – the Aztecs. This is probably the fastest I have ever got two Forces to a quasi finished state (just the bases and varnishing to go).

I reckon I will make a start on the Conquistadors tomorrow… by start I mean get them onto bases, well, apart from the cavalry as I have totally run out of 30 x 40mm bases.

I am not sure of the number of figures, but I reckon somewhere near the amount of minis I got with the Eagle, jaguar and command group in the Aztecs at the very minimum.

I will leave you with the following, it has been going the rounds for a while but I do find it amusing…


12 thoughts on “Aztec Challenge… Day 5

  1. You’re making great progress. Seeing all of these posts kind of fired me up to re-watch Apocalypto again, which was great a movie as I originally remembered.

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