Well that is the Eagle warriors finished…

The command unit tagged along too it would seem, but yes, that’s those nine finished. I went for silver metalwork instead of gold, not particularly accurate, but I felt like a change.

I also found some time to paint the Jaguar tlahuiztli. My original intention was to have a mix of coloured and natural suits… technically I have done so…

I remembered on the last one to add a bit of colour. Obviously colour won’t be a problem when I get the back banners and shields done. I painted the bases at the start as I had got too much out when painting up the Eagle bases.

So some of these are going to have jaguar patterns, some plain and some with black spots… I think, only tomorrow will tell.

So my good lady arrived safely in Blackpool, 4 hours late due to someone having to be talked off the Forth rail bridge (well that’s what the reason seemed to be). Disembarked at Dundee and had to get a bus to Edinburgh, needless to say she missed her connection.

The kids were happy with my tea suggestions…. as I needed to go into town I came back with sausage and chips from the chip shop…

So tomorrow I crack on with the Jaguar warriors, then see what I get onto next… in all honesty it will probably be the Conquistadors…

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