So, my good lady has deserted me on the boat tonight for the bright lights of Blackpool for her international conference… she is a bit miffed as the last one she went to was in Istanbul… but she is still presenting and I am very proud of her.

Anyway onto the challenge… I was worried I wouldn’t get much done tonight, but I was wrong. I managed quite a bit of total fiddlyness. It slowed me down, but I reckon I will get the Eagle warriors finished tomorrow 🤞.

They are beginning to look very colourful. I don’t know why I did nice feather patterns on the shields…you can’t see them!

Still a fair old bit to do, but getting there.

Off the top of my head… still to go:

Eyes on the helmets

Blades on the maquahuitl

Ornamentation and feathers on the helmets

Precious metal on the back banners, both shaft and tops (yeah I know it probably wasn’t gold, but I cannot think of another way to paint them)

Any other bits of ornamentation I can find

Finally – shield designs

The one thing that is really nice about doing a blog and taking photos for it is that it shows progress… a few days ago they looked like this…

It is really funny, I really disliked doing the Scalian cavalry and struggled to get them finished. These are way more complicated and I am loving doing them… perhaps it is the fact that there is a bit more about them that makes them more appealing.

I suppose I have made the back banners a bit brighter than the codices show… an example of Mendoza below shows some good examples. I really should have done one if my command troops white, the one representing a skeleton looks cool.

Interestingly enough none of the above figures are carrying a maquahuitl, all have the tepoztopilli (sorry showing off now – ain’t google great 😂).

Supposedly the last of these original weapons were destroyed in a fire in the 1880’s. I have seen other ones but they were probably post conquest.

Another of the Codex Mendoza shows more images of suit wearers… but more importantly it shows the progression of the warrior priests

This one is one of my favourite images, it shows the progression through the ranks

One started off the military career as a porter and messenger then sent off to war as an apprentice, once you got your first captive you got to carry a maquahuitl and wear a mantle of specific design… everyone would know of your prowess by the way you looked.

So tomorrow… finish of the Eagle warriors and make a start on the Jaguar bases. On the whole the Jaguar warrior back banners are a bit more simple, so shouldn’t take as long to do.

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