Things really slowed down a bit tonight, the back banners and the painting over bits that the contrast paint got too certainly made a difference.

Nonetheless I am part way through another nine warriors. These aren’t going to win any prizes. My aim is speed, but with a bit of skill involved. As an example I haven’t bothered painting the belt. I have left it the same colour as the Tlahuiztli. Loincloths are all the same colour blue to save time…all apart from one, I forgot to repaint the loincloth on the yellow suit so his has turned out green.

I haven’t decided on a colour for the banner poles, I am thinking a neutral brown or cream to let the brighter colours stand out.

Whilst having a mooch in a box I found a bit of my leather carving.

It is half of the Aztec two headed snake I made for my good lad (the other half is on the back). She is deserting me for a week to go to a conference in Blackpool. I hope being a single dad will give me some time to paint the rest of the Aztec elites.

9 thoughts on “Aztec Challenge… Day 2

  1. Pretty neat. It reminds me of some Central American artifacts I saw a few years ago in a museum in San Francisco. I saw an unpleasantly beautiful club lined with these obsidian square teeth, which if my memory isn’t playing tricks had a design similar to your carving.

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    1. Thanks Ann, I have seen the odd one or two in various museums. The carving I did was taken from a lovely one covered in jade. …the maquahuitl was the standard sword/club of the Aztecs. You goy given one for, if I remember correctly capturing your first prisoner. Decorated ones were for greater deeds. The maquahuitl wasn’t much use against metal armour of the conquistadors, but otherwise was a pretty effective, if unpleasant weapon.

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      1. Yes, I remembering reading that they weren’t so great against steel armor, though I saw a video of one being used against a side of hanging beef and it seemed pretty effective against that. 🙂

        Whatever their utility as a weapon, like I said, I found them beautiful in a dark sort of way. I can certainly imagine someone being proud having captured their first prisoner and doubly proud being presented with such a item to commemorate the deed.

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