So I thought I had better get going on my self imposed challenge of getting the Aztecs finished in 7 days…

As the command base already had one of them in Black I thought I might as well start with them.

So here we have the shield view. To be honest I think the blue shield needs redoing as it is not really working for me. It may grow on my by the end of the week though.

The front view looks like this…

As you can see, I made a start on the Eagle warriors in the background.

I painted up the Tlahuiztli suits in various shades, four of the nine ended up as brown. I think the proportion works. As mentioned yesterday, the back banners are going to be brightly coloured so they should brighten up the drab brown.

The brown I used was the Guilliman flesh contrast paint, it is a nice reddish brown. Tomorrow I will crack on with them and batch paint to some extent. The three I painted today seemed to take a very long time – probably about the same amount of time as this lot…

There was a lot of colour changing so that slowed things down loads.

I had another look at Samurai today, but I also looked at some other manufacturers. These were Two Dragon, Museum Miniatures , Peter Pig and Essex Miniatures. But to be frank, I still like the Tin Soldier ones. The aesthetics appeal to me, if anyone can come up with some other 15mm Samurai that I can have a look at then I will more than likely go with these ones (I probably will anyway, but you never know 😜). The only thing is there are no archetypal ninja in the TS range…. yeah I know they didn’t always run around in Black throwing shuriken about willy-nilly, but hey.. you know NINJA!!!

Tomorrow I have shit loads of school work to do, but hopefully will have time to finish at least one of the Eagle Warrior bases… we shall find out tomorrow…

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