I went a bit mad tonight and finished the commoners…

This is them all finished. Batch painting worked an absolute treat with these guys, they are so simple a design and I don’t mean this as a negative, it simply means they were a doddle to paint.

It was a simple case of Contrast Skeleton Horde over the white undercoat.

Blood angels red was used for the loin cloth and cockade for the feathers. Leander yellow for the feathers and snakebite leather for the wood on the weapon (I am too tired to remember how to spell the actual name) and sling. Abbadon Black did the hair and obsidian and Army Painter Wolf grey the shield rim. I added Bassilicum grey to the shield front which was different to the last lot…

But you know what, I don’t care 😉 Aztec shields were part of the tribute culture, so one lot came from somewhere else.

The back of the shield was done in Army Painter Oak Brown.

So that was the easy ones over with, I now have a week to do the rest…

The extremely complicated ones. I am going to do a mix of plain and decorated Tlahuiztli suits. Some or all of the jaguar warriors will be in spots (I must be bloody mad) the eagle warriors are probably going to be coloured as a brown suits may look a bit boring ( back to Mendoza et al to have a look). The guy in black is going to have the starry sky Tlahuiztli and shield… basically black with white dots.

Twenty one figures in seven days… so three a night, as there are three on each base then it is a base a night.

I have had a quick search and the few images I can find of the Eagle warriors is a brown suit. I will just have to go mad with the back banner and shield 😁.

As a total aside… The nice people at Tin Soldier came back with the contents in the army pack… question is do I go early or late… something to ponder.

4 thoughts on “Aztecs…Commoners All Done

  1. Bloody hell, that is progress indeed and they look absolutely spot on! Well done! I’m glad you know what all these “ocls” and atls” and “zitls” mean ’cause I don’t have a clue! But you’re a bad influence – I may have a sort of new project on the horizon with a Mexican theme, but nothing definite yet!

    Does the early or late question relate to samurai? If so, mine are all late, since I found the armour on early samurai way too complicated to paint!

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    1. Cheers John, Mexican theme…revolution? Or Alamo 🤔… yeah it was early or late Samurai… if I go early I get to use Monks prior to 1570 (I think) later 16th century I get to have the Teppo… so it’s monks versus firearms as the deciding factor. Regarding Tin Soldier minis, they don’t seem to have a difference apart from the firearms… I really like the TS ones but there is nothing for them to fight in terms of similar sized Mongols or Koreans which is a bit of a pity. If I went Essex or Peter Pig then I would find similar sized miniatures, but I might go HOTT and make it quasi fantasy by getting some monsters from Alternative armies from their Sengoku monster hunter range.

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      1. Good guesses on what might be a Mexico project, but wrong I’m afraid! I’m not letting on any more than that yet! I had the same dilemma with my late samurai, so I went with a Ming army for operations in Korea – Korean and Ming armies are very different from samurai armies, so quite interesting. I had to go with Ming, because you couldn’t get Koreans then (early 90s) and even the Chinese were small figures (Irregular) but now both armies are available from a couple of manufacturers at least. Going HOTT and getting a Japanese fantasy army sounds good though – I’d always thought about getting some of the Dixon figures for that but never got round to it!


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