So I got these sprayed earlier and set to work on the skin tones.

These really are lovely miniatures to paint. There was a bit of vent to knock off the bottom of some of the peasant shields and a couple of weird lumps on the end of a couple of Macuahuitl, but to be honest I forgot to ‘clean’ these up and sprayed them before remembering. Apart from the things above they are pretty much as they came out of the packets. I am going to speed paint these, like the other ones as I want them done, not because I don’t like them like the lizards, but because I want to get onto the Conquistadors and then get some Samurai.

This is the 15mm lot, there are some 25mm ones too with some different poses. I was considering a 15mm army then enough 25mm miniatures to do a couple of Buntai for the Ronin skirmish game.

I was just thinking there the Aztecs are to replace the exact same ones I got rid of probably twenty years ago. The Samurai will replace another long gone Army. I reckon if I buy some Museum Miniatures crusaders and some Essex 15mm Romans then I reckon I will have pretty much got back to my youth… not quite I would need a 400 figure Galatian army and a similar number of confederate infantry, but near as dammit.

So anyway the challenge is on, I want the Aztecs finished by 9th September which incidentally is my good lady’s birthday. So actually I want them done by Sunday 8th.

She is off Gallivanting to an archaeological conference… it is not exactly as exciting as Istanbul, but Blackpool must have some things going for it. She gets off the boat on the the 9th so I had better think of a suitable gift🎁 .

6 thoughts on “Aztecs And he’s Off…Again

  1. Good to see you started on these – finishing them by the 8th sounds quite a challenge but it will be good to have them done. Although I prime and basecoat figures in larger amounts, I break down the layered painting stages and finishing them in groups of no larger than 10, otherwise I’d never feel like I was making progress. Must be how my mind works – 10 finished figures and 10 untouched is 50% complete, but 20 figures half-finished is 100% unfinished! Well, there is the fact that my maths and statistics aren’t great, obviously!

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    1. Yeah I know where you coming from, in my 28’s like my Flintloque Forces I would do a squad or troop at a time, so yeah roughly 8-10 for the infantry and 6-8 for the cavalry. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I do approach the different scales differently.

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