So after my wibble the other day I cracked on again tonight…

I managed to pretty much get the bits and bobs done. The cavalry are observing progress… Regarding the blue things, I thought they were bits of sprue… evidently not. They seem to be some sort of scabbard so I painted them up even though only the orange one actually has a sword. They will add a bit of interest to the spear armed troops. I will get them all glued onto the minis tomorrow.

I will get the Aztecs sprayed tomorrow too.

I have been having a mooch at the Tin Soldier website again. They also do 25mm Samurai… but I must resist and keep with the 15mm, however the 25’s would make a nice skirmish force for the Ronin rules 🤔.

7 thoughts on “Scalians… Back to Work

      1. Sorry! Nah, not really! 😉 Am still looking forward to seeing the Scalians done! Tell the family they’ve got to do themselves beans on toast for tea, since you have an audience to pander to and you need to crack on with that painting!

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