My package from Tin soldier came, lots more Aztec Goodness…

The thing that suddenly struck me is that errr… My reinforcements actually outnumber the first group… whoops!

So I have six bases of slingers, three of peasant with hand weapon, three of Eagle warriors with back banners and the same for the jaguar warriors plus a command unit. Forty seven miniatures in total.

Tin Soldier also put in a few Samurai samples… I really do like them… I wonder what my next 15mm army or two is going to be 🤔.

So here we have Samurai with katana, a mounted monk, an Ashigaru and Samurai armed with a bow and a lowly peasant with a selection of smacking implements.

I really do like these, they remind me of the 25mm Dixon Samurai range which I always wanted, but never could afford when I was a kid. By time I had the disposable income I was playing at a club where we ran a 15mm campaign.

You will have noticed that I glue my miniatures down before painting, well I do in 10 and 15mm. When I first got my Pendraken 10mm I painted them individually glued to a lolly stick and it seemed to take forever. A few months into conversations in the forum and a guy call Nic Harwood showed how he painted his armies. He did it by glueing everything down to begin with and then took it from there. I tried it and really liked the method. To be honest because of the 3D nature of the minis, it can be tricky to get a brush in, especially with shit loads of miniatures on a base. Which is why I stick to two or three 15mm and maximum of five in 10mm. If things are really close together because of the shape of the mini then I glue the outer ones down and paint the other separately…Mainly this is if I need to do shield designs or the like.

This method isn’t for everyone as, if I am really being brutally honest it is, in my case, used for speed painting and will never ever win any competitions. On the up side it does get minis on the table. If you look through all my 10 and 15mm blog post you will see that I have used this method throughout.

All off the above were done the same way apart from, ironically enough, the Aztecs that became my horde troops for my HOTT force. These were painted individually as I was messing about one day and decided to do a skirmish force of one mini equals one man. I added them in to show the differences between the two.

Oh and I promise to finish the Scalians… honestly Ponestly!

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