I am getting a Little tired of this lot just about now.

I don’t know why but I really can’t be bothered with these right now… Probably because I wasn’t too struck on them to begin with. I really had to force myself to do anything on them today, but I managed something, probably 20 minutes in total.

The mounts got a dark eye added and the same colour to the mouth of the riders straps were painted in and the leader had his gold armour painted.

I need to do the shields and quivers, but I reckon I will not be going overboard on highlighting etc. I want them done and out of the way.

We bought a cheap caravan yesterday, so I will be able to enthrall you all with more photos of Shetland (other Island Archipelagos are available).

8 thoughts on “Scalians… Bored Now

  1. If you get bored with them but get them to where you are temporarily happy with them, you can always go back and brighten them up a bit more when you aren’t tired of them once some time has passed. That has often worked for me when working on large numbers of troopers/chaff. Looks like they are coming together well so far.

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