Well when I say all done I am considering getting the command pack and some more peasants. As in reality there were more than likely lots more peasants than there were nobles. I will look to get a couple of hand weapons and then one of slingers.

So that is them all done and awaiting some form of flock.

I am quite pleased with how fast these were finished. From bare metal to finished in seven days which for me is a bit speedy. The models really helped and I think the Contrast paint speeded things up too.

I also made a start on the Scalians, by a start I mean superglued the mounts to the 30×40 bases. I had exactly the right amount left. My Conquistador cavalry will have to wait until I buy some more.

The riders come in three bits… legs are attached to the mount, the body is glued to the legs and finally a separate tail needs to be attached. as with the swordsmen, the shields are separate.

I will have four bases of bow and four of spears. It should make a nice force, but because I am like I am I have been hunting for 3D printable dinosaurs … as if I haven’t got enough to paint already!

I survived my first day in the new job, still another to go before the kids turn up.

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