So tonight I decided to put these together… sixteen miniatures – legs, body and tail.. how hard could that be… A bloody nightmare actually.

The legs are fastened to the mount so the body goes onto the little peg…yeah right. The peg is, firstly too long and secondly too wide. So I trimmed them down. Get the body ready…..

the body’s cavity to shove the peg in was blocked with pewter!

The other issue is that the leg bit is flat and the body part is domed, so without any major surgery there is a ruddy great gap.

The tail then affixes to the bum… this went surprisingly smoothly, however I did cut the peg down and widen the hole.

Eventually after a lot of swearing and super glueing myself to miniature Lizardmen I got there!

I am used to removing flash, mould lines and vent excess but this lot took things to a whole new level. The thing it reminds me of is when you buy stuff off Ebay and it turns out it is a collection of recasts.

As I got them from the only seller in the Uk (well I think he is… and he lives on Shetland to boot 😉) and I know him personally then this is not the case. I reckon they will paint up fine once the superglue has cured properly. I actually wanted them sprayed tonight, but tomorrow will have to do.

Battle Valour Games do a whole host of races, but because of the problems with these and then the big beastie, it has kind of put me off. I could ask Martin to have a look at some of the others, but right now I want these and the Aztecs finished…

Regarding Aztecs, my couple of packs very quickly turned into five…or possibly six.

Command, peasant slingers x2, peasant with hand weapons x 1, jaguar captain and eagle captain one of each…oh yeah six!

I also asked if they would send me some samples of their Samurai range 😱.

I must be off my rocker, as if I haven’t got enough to paint.

Tomorrow the kids come back from the holidays. I thought I would take a photo out of the office window…

I reckon there might be worse views out there.

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