Another couple of houses printed today…

One with a domed roof and the other with stairs mirrored on the left.

On the post it notes are the time it took to print them. Today’s printing time a little under 6 hours. I forgot to check how long the walls took but let’s say 2 hours, so for 10 hours print time I have enough for a village. I have some already printed so half way there to my three villages.

Someone said to me the other day that the printers take too long. I can’t argue with the fact that a small domed house took two and a half hours to complete. But if I had purchased them online, it would be at least a week to get here. So my 2.33 doesn’t actually seem that long as I set it going, made sure the first layer was sticking well and voila off I went for some lunch and a bit if diggering.

Tonight the domed house with stairs was printing as I made tea, ate tea and watched some Allo Allo with the kids.

Tomorrow I am going to do a test print to see how they look painted up.

Regarding Allo Allo, I had forgotten how funny the first couple of series were. I have them on DVD. My eldest got some of the jokes but the other two saw funny things but didn’t necessarily understand the humour. Luckily I was able to side swipe the question about the egg whisk and celery!

4 thoughts on “Desert Houses 2

  1. It’d take you just as long to build ’em yourself to the same quality I would imagine, so the time’s not too bad! The way I view the prints I get from Shapeways is that I need to do nothing to them except unpack ’em and paint ’em! No sticking together, no cleaning poor castings!

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  2. Perception of time is a funny thing. Yes compared to a pre made resin they are slow which is just ready to go straight away but as you said you have to wait for delivery. I couldn’t sctratchbuild what you have printed in the time it took….



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