My German is crap…. but tonight we managed a bit of Submarine warfare…

I played the Navigator and the Captain and my daughter, the First Officer and Chief Engineer.

We had a bash at the training mission and managed to sink a merchantman…

We fired all 4 tubes in our excitement! All four exploded so down she went.

The app shows the weather and time of day…

The observers were pleased when the watch changed as they would have been very wet.

We headed to another quadrant to find another lone merchant and somehow lost him! Then off we went to hunt a small convoy.

We managed to get to a nice firing solution even with a major electrical fault and the crew somewhat fatigued.

We were set up like this, we paused the game to take this photo the the app took us right back to the start.

We probably did loads wrong but we did have a good time.

We are off into Middle Earth tomorrow night, but will probably have another bash at this on Friday.

On a totally different note, I printed off a domed two story house today. It took 5 hours 6 minutes to finish. I also managed to add the tower to a building and will print it off tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Torpedo Los

    1. It is taking a little while to remember all the rules, but we are getting there.
      As for the App, yes it needs it. The App runs the game. It gives the orders and runs the AI for the allied shipping etc. You can actually download the app in both IOS and Android. They are still in Beta testing. There has been the odd glitch, but basically it has worked well.

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