I have decided to call these two finished…

I feel they definitely look different from the originals.

I also took a photo of the rear…

I added a crossbow to one and a coil of rope to the other.

Being evil parents that we are, we forced the kids of technology to do something creative, Lucy wanted to paint a figure, and so did James so off we went.

Lucy started her rabbits last year and decided to crack on and try and get them finished. James chose a chaos marine to practice on.

Lucy has started using washes and dry brushing. She was also really good at tidying up bits she had overpainted. Still a bit to go, but they were both very pleased with their results. Lucy has now asked for me to print her a dwarf too as that is what she wants to paint next. So tomorrow we return to the shed and get some painting done.

The other thing was my good mate from the North if England phoned up to say he had been watching Bolt Action YouTube vids and wished I was still down there so we could get a game in. It must be 25 years since we had last played a war game together.

5 thoughts on “Painted Dwarves

    1. We meet up about once a year when we head down south, he is the godfather to my eldest. Funnily enough she decided she likes living on Shetland, but would bring him up and his wife as well as my sister in law and partner by force.

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