This Month’s Azazel’s Challenge is a squad challenge.

Here is my work in Progress for at least one ‘squad’.

These are being painted up for my mate to be part of an up and coming RPG we will be playing.

Still a fair bit to go but getting there. Another view of the same lot…

The other potential ‘squad’ is this lot.

Some form of cultists from Ill Gotten Games. There is one of the cultists missing, I must have left him in the shed (we painted in the house tonight). These are from the Curse of Moht printed game. Do fantasy figures form squads? I don’t know to be honest, but either way I want them finished by the end of the month. In the background is one of the heroes he is seen in his urban and rural garb.

It was nice to sit down with my daughter again and do some painting together.

She has decided her rabbits are finished and she is now starting on a printed dwarf.

She would have got them based, but bedtime arrived, much to her annoyance!

We shall carry on tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Odds and Squads…

  1. As far as squads go, any logical group of 3 + models count as a “squad” for the purposes of this challenge so yes it includes all manner of board game models and whatever else you like within reason! 👍


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