A Matilda to start with….

A picture of how it came off the plate.

You can really see the support network to help it print properly. I have always printed it vertically before (like the turret). This is the first time on the tracks and to be honest, there is less chance of it getting knocked over, the down side is a lot more waste.

Here you can see the stuff that has been pulled away from both bits…weight wise not really very much, it just adds to the time required.

And finally… here she is all trimmed up and ready for a run into the paint shop.

I am printing off a CharB just now with a Somua to follow.

To be honest I don’t know what theatre of operations or date to go for. At the cost of these I can print of a fair few different ones and see what catches my fancy.

I did consider the desert war. The advantages are that I have some palm trees etc as well as some 6mm buildings. I also have a terrain mat and some desert style hills.

I reckon I can print some 15mm buildings and off I go!

6 thoughts on “Printing Tanks

    1. Cheers Pete, Yeah I think I am heading that way, I did toy with the idea of Sicily in 1943, but the tanks are pretty much standard by then. I have found three printable ‘arabic’ houses. They will need shrinking a bit, but combined with a few hills, wadi’s and the odd palm grove then I should be sorted.

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  1. Getting on well with tanks! Matilda IIs, Char Bs and Somuas were all used in France in 1940, so you could just print off some more Panzer IIIs and 38(t)s to use against them (although they’d be in grey in 1940). But deserts are good and nowadays you can just buy a desert mat for them to fight over!

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