Working with one of the schools on Vikings.

Had a great day, but I am knackered now. I had three one hour long groups. They were great kids who knew a fair bit before I got there. It is really funny though, how they confuse the Up Helly Aa guisers with Vikings. I was chastised by one small boy for not wearing a sheepskin and not having any furry boots 😱.

To save time getting there I drove down in my soft kit 😁

8 thoughts on “Dressy Up for Grown UPS…

  1. Lookin pretty serious there! Reminds me of back when I trained in martial arts (long, long, long ago). Our instructor was a super nice guy, and talking to him, you couldn’t imagine him hurting a fly.

    He calls me up front for a demonstration one day. I go up, we get in position, while he talks to the class. Then he’s ready to demonstrate, he turns to me, locks eyes, and gives me the ‘I’m going to kill you’ gaze. Funny how people can just turn that on and off.

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