Okay not very original when discussing dwarves.

These three are from Ill Gotten Games from the pre Kick starter tester we were given. I intend to have seven for completeness… well okay maybe not seven…

I decided to do the third one at 0.06mm layer the one on the left is at 0.15, the middle one is 0.1. I forgot to record the time but the highest quality was an hour and 40 minutes. The middle was somewhere round the hour.To be honest for the print time difference between the higher quality and the mid quality there isn’t much real difference. I will fiddle around a bit more to see if I can make it better.

I also painted lots of bits and pieces on various figures. I would have photographed them, but it didn’t seem much point.

The rest of my evening was spent trying to find costume parts for my two youngest for bloody World Book Day!

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