I managed a smidge more painting tonight.

I really think I have too much on the go at once…

I spent 5 minutes looking for the Superglue in the middle of the photo!

I would have got further but we had a bit of Dad/daughter quality time shouting at each other when we kept dying in the Lord of the Rings … War in the North 😱

3 thoughts on “Painting Again

  1. You’re making progress though! I’ve been away for work this week and am only just catching up, although I did build two Pz 38(t) kits in my hotel room (that’s planning ahead, doesn’t happen often)! Since the start of the year I’ve cleared a lot of stuff off my desk and only kept the few bits I’m immediately working on – I feel I’m then concentrating on the pieces I’m doing and it seems like I make more progress!

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