Forgotten Forces Friday

Well the title should really say ‘Forgotten Fauna Friday’

First up…Some Iron Age pigs and Mouflon sheep

Next…Some highland cattle and a gaggle of Geese.

All of the above are from

One day I may even finish them!

The other thing (amongst many others) was the reason the blog is so named…

‘Over yonder lies the quaint town of Bogenwald… Bogenhelm on the other hand is frankly pants!”

An honorary mention should also go to the 10mm elves…


these were more ignored than forgotten.

Frostgrave Boar

Well I bought this, basically because I liked it.

I have numerous GW giant rats, so in reality  I bought the set for the boar alone. A mighty fine boar he is.

img_3491drinking-horn-type-20-engraved-celtic-boar-296 He does remind me of a Celtic boar 🙂

The one thing I was a bit surprised about was the amount of flash and metal venting on the pieces. I had already started to clean up the boar but hadn’t got round to the  rats. On the upside the vents mean that they are good casts.

The boar will be used for various roles, but one of the ones I will look at is a boar hunt. This is a big beastie  so is a scary thing to hunt.

Warbases Haul

Well as I have been painting so many flintloque minis She actually ran out of mdf bases. I like the ones for magnets. After trying for hours to remember where I got the last lot I remembered. Off to Warbases I went. My 60 mdf bases suddenly grew into a bit of an order including highland cattle, geese, heavy draft horses and lighter carriage horses. I only got the horses as I thought I would make a foray into mdf kits. As I am forever trying to come up with ideas for terrain/accouterments to match the models I purchased a posh carriage and a turnip cart. I also added a set of Lion Rampant and Jugula tokens too.

I really do hope I can work out how to build these as they don’t seem to come with any instructions.

All Creatures Great and Small

Had a diversion from Flintloque today at Lunchtime. Today I decided to get some of my animals finished. I have managed to finish the wolf and the Iron Age pigs and nearly got the Jacob’s sheep finished too.

Still got to get the bases sorted and magnets inserted. Job for this evening.