They were sitting there, staring at me and making me feel guilty so I painted some more cloaks…

nearly lost the will to live but pushed through the barriers of whatever was stopping me getting on with them.

The printer has returned to the shed as the temperature has warmed up enough, it’s funny not hearing it working away. Before it moved out there I printed a couple more bits and bobs.

These are upscaled from 18mm ones. I was after some more proxy bits for Starship Troopers. The big one is a proxy for an M-4A1 Grizzly Exo suit and the smaller one is CHAS (Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System)… these appear in the Roughneck series and not in the films. The CHAS needs to be a bit bigger, but will do as a starter. Both of these were from Ill Gotten Games.

3 thoughts on “Forlorn Elves…

  1. You’re making progress though! I couldn’t paint units that large I have to admit – I break down my painting into about five figures at a time to make it feel like I’m making progress. I do like that big walker!


    1. I can normally manage this many (or I think I can) I am just not motivated with these. I probably have the same amount again to go. This may be a long process. I am quite pleased with the walker too. As he is increased in size by 170% his details aren’t the best.


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