I decided to eventually get some paint onto the mausoleum and the Mech.

My son wanted his mech to be grey so who am I to argue. From what I remember he wants the cockpit glass to be blue and the rockets red.

My intention for the mausoleum is to give it a black wash once this grey is dry and then get it dry brushed up to a lighter grey. I keep thinking some kind of metallic colour for the doors but I haven’t quite decided that far ahead.

I really do like it and reckon it will come up a treat once it is finished.

I managed sod all else tonight apart from reducing the bug down to 75% size to see how it looks. It is merrily printing away as I type this. I was going to watch one of the films tonight to get a scale of the things but I couldn’t be arsed to do that.

And it looks this big….

Stick it on it’s very long legs and I think it will look fine… I will print the arms and legs tomorrow and see what I think.

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