Technically it should be BUUUGGGS…

but I only made one!

This thing is bloody massive. I reckon I need to drop it down to about 25% smaller at least and see how it looks. If you were wondering…the white stuff is baking powder. It causes a reaction with the superglue and sets instantly.

I had some de-lamination problems with the legs especially at the ball joints. Therefore I quasi posed it and then glued everything rigid. I printed the arms on a raft and had no problems with them so that might be the way forward if I do decide to do another one.

The one thing I forgot to mention and that is that this is a poseable bug (well it would be f I hadn’t superglued everything in place). It was designed by JOOXOE31 and again downloaded from Thingiverse.

I didn’t get any painting done this evening because of building this beastie, and various family related shenanigans… (including a stint of Ghost recon with my son. Who hasn’t quite grasped the tactical disadvantage of standing on a roof in full view of his father armed with a sniper rifle.) I also had a go at my hunting game and met the worlds first bullet proof Elk! Tracked him for 4 kilometres before I managed to bag him in the end.

Off playing Vikings in a school tomorrow so not too stressful a day 😁.

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