The title says it all really…

A couple of Sci Fi crates, one with a couple of heavy stub pistols and the other with some kind of combat shotgun.

The three guys are town guards from Ill Gotten Games. Two of them have halberds and the other has a crossbow. The guards were printed with a raft in case they needed it. Sadly it stuck too well to the plate and it has taken me about 45 minutes to get it off.

I set the thing off to print a big air vent and of course now the bed doesn’t seem to be level. I am too tired now to faff on with it tonight. I will level it properly tomorrow. I just hope that the plate hasn’t lost any of it’s adhesion properties.

As the guards were covered in fine wisps of filament it might mean there is a problem developing. I will have to have a proper look tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “3D Printer… eclectic mix

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