I had another mess around with the printer today. I decided to tighten the belt on the x axis. It has made a difference to the shape of the models.

The one on the left is more oval. I think that the one on the right is still out slightly but it has definitely caused a change.

I also tried increasing the temperature and got better results on the top layer of the sundials too.

This time the better one is on the right, still not perfect but better than before.

One in the graveyard would be a useful addition (well the gravediggers would need to know when to get the hole dug by).

They painted up ok ish … The build lines are really visible, but not from a distance.

I was going to make a start on my raised bit of the graveyard however it is cold and wet out there and I am wimping out going to the shed to get the necessary bits and pieces.

I had another try at printing the ladder. Successful prints: 1 and total failures: 6. Not sure what the cause is apart from the bed must have lost level as the filament was extruding ok but wasn’t adhering to the bed properly.

I really need a bed levelling print, but need to splice one on Cura to make it work. At least that way I can get it all tickety boo.

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