Well No-one else wanted to join in, my wife found her knitting more exciting and the kids were building things on Minecraft. So I had to go solo!

I hauled out my ancient copy of B17 Queen if the Skies. It probably hasn’t seen the light of day for twenty years. I had managed to get to the 13th mission, so I carried on. Mission 14 was a nice little trip to Amiens. The dice were with me so I managed to get there and back with a full crew and a hole in my Starboard wing where a flak shell went through it.

Fighter cover wasn’t too bad, a total of nine enemy aircraft attacked me, but thankfully they all missed, they weren’t so luck as my port cheek took out an FW190 and the Ball turret despatched a ME110.

Bomb run managed a 30 % accuracy so not brilliant, but 11 more missions and I can officially return home 😉

Fighter cover was Extreme on the way back…

We shall have to see where we get to tomorrow.

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