Painting miniatures until my youngest falls asleep!

Not that you can really tell!

So anyway 20 minutes to the 25th December (well in this house it is, and in others it has been and gone). I hope you all have/had a great Christmas and that Mr Beardy leaves presents rather than coal.

Tonight (when the internet is working) I have been listening to…

Not to mention…

As well as….(well it isn’t Christmas without it)

And Finally…

This final one reminds me of a freezing wet and Windy December evening near Durham Cathedral. The choir were practicing and singing this Christmas Hymn. It was one of the loveliest things I have heard. The lights were streaming through the stained glass windows. I just had to go in and listen…

2 thoughts on “Undead Engineers A bit More Progress

  1. Hope you had a good one. Like Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells was huge going way back and of course made Virgin at the time. Steeleye Span seems like an ideal image for the Shetlands and The Pogues is a classic. Oh and the figures are good too!


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