It looks like the tournament is on tomorrow,

My daughter and I both have an army each.

She has my early German one.

Hero General (Druidic types with their spirit bear)

Warband x 5

Riders x 1

Beasts x 1 (werewolves)

Flyers x 1 (bat swarm)

Behemoth or in her case Bearhemoth x 1

Plus a sacred pool to act as her stronghold.

Mine is as described throughout the posts, I decided, however, on the smaller temples as they fit inside a box file.

My daughter is very trusting, she let me choose an army that will face mine. I did, in fairness, discuss the various types. She did make a few changes, added a flyer instead of one of the warband bases.

I had to quickly knock up a base for the behemoth. This is a Beorn figure from the battle of the five armies set. He is my giant cave bear for my 10mm Mammoth hunting games (hence the round base) I did a quick circle out of Greenstuff to make a basic sabot base and then did the usual sand and flock approach, but this time I painted the sand.

A bit rough and ready, but time wasn’t on my side.

We shall see how things go tomorrow. We each have three games with various victory points etc. Let us see how the Dice Gods look upon us on the morn.

Till Tomorrow!

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