Well today I cracked on and got the crossbows finished, leaving seven mounted troops and the big beastie….

I am really, really not looking forward to getting the flock done on these… there are going to be 132 of them to do… I must be totally bonkers!

I did buy some oil paints and thinners and am going to give them a go to add a wash on everything…I will varnish everything first just in case.

The printer has been busy the last couple of days, but it isn’t for me… I am printing up a dwarven army for Joe. I have done three units totalling thirty figures. August brings more troops, so it will give him a chance to get these painted before the next lot drop.

Joe very kindly got me an AA gift voucher for my birthday so I had a think and decided I would go for another HOTT army… but what to choose. I decided on an elven force… but found he had one already and so, because I need my head examined, I went for an Imperial army… yeah more Landsknecht to paint up… why not go for 15m , I mean I already have loads in 6mm and 28mm… these are nice miniatures though…

The only thing I am going to change out is the Giant (we’ll it is a fantasy army)… I am going to shrink down one of my 28mm Ogres for the job… he has Landskecht style armour which will fit in nicely… if I want to change things up a bit I do actually have a Leonardo’s tank from my HOTT Conquistador force 😁.

I reckon one of these will make a funky Giant after getting shrunk a bit.

You can find an image of my tank Here. It worked well in the HOTT competition.

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