Bloody Hell I won!

Not only did I win the competition, but my Stronghold also won. I managed to come Second in the themed army too. My daughter was somewhere in the middle. Not bad for her first ever game.

My prize for winning was a new 15mm army = Scalians from Battle Valour Miniatures My prize for the stronghold were some mdf roundhouses. These were by Martin of Dragonfrog games, him of the pyramid design.

There were some tough fights in the three games, first game I beat My daughter by 2pts. Second game I lost by 2 points and third game I destroyed an army with the loss of only two points.

Game 1.

Me as the attacker against the Early Germans

Game two

Me as the attacker against a Martian force

Game 3

Me as the defender against a host of Alien worm thingies (made by Martin on his 3D printer)

So a big thank you needs to go to Mike and Martin for organising a fun little tournament. Everyone were also given a nice 15mm giant for taking part. Nice cake appeared too. All in all an enjoyable morning.

My miniatures….

And finally, the giants…

6 thoughts on “Tournament Results!

  1. Congratulations mate! – to both you and your daughter – as you said, not too shabby for a first set of games. And now you’ve got another couple of projects to add to the queue! 🙂

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