Nearly there….

Managed to get the metalwork on the gun done, as well as just about finish the command section.

The biggest problem I have is what to do with the flag? I have seen many different miniatures with many different flags from holy icons, to a red saltire type thingy with nobbles.

The monk still needs a bit of work on his face, not to mention the hair on the other two too.

The Triffid thingy was the other thing worked in tonight.

I pretty much painted it in washes apart from the bone colour.

So this is the army parts painted…

And this is what is left to do…

As I shared my arty pictures yesterday, I thought I would share my 10 year olds photos tonight. She wanted to take a few photos, She scampered off and returned with these ones

Tonight I have a conundrum… why is it that when I follow certain people’s blogs only some of them appear in my WordPress feed… I suddenly realise that they have posted various things that for some reason haven’t registered.

I might go for the tank to start with tomorrow as it should be the quickest, for speed I may just use the wash method again.

7 thoughts on “HOTT Conquistadors X

  1. Figures looking great and yiur daughters photos are excellent! Great scenery helps but I don’t say that to take anything away from her. As for WordPress to get updates on other peoples blogs you possibly need to switch on notifications to be advised. Off the top of my head I can’t remember how you do that but if you Google it or perhaps go on to YouTube you might find some instructions.

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    1. Cheers, my daughter has a good eye for photo’s someone actually contacted us to see if they could use it in a presentation at a conference.
      My feed says I am following certain blogs, but they don’t appear.

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  2. Army’s looking good! Sounds daft, but I like the flag in plain red, sort of like a Forlorn Hope! Photos are excellent! Probably doing well to catch the sea that calm at this time of year.
    I’ve had the same problem with posts, so I check my WordPress Reader from time to time to make sure I’ve not missed anything. Also check the followed sites in my list just to make sure I’m still signed up to e-mail alerts – I’m sure the system throes a wobbly from time to time!

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    1. Cheers, I did actually wonder about leaving the flag red. Might be quickest in the long run. I too am having to check the reader, to make sure I am not missing anything. Yeah a windless day on Shetland is a rare thing. At this time of year 70mph gust plus aren’t unusual.

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  3. Those are really nice pictures that your daughter took! You might have your own mini photographer in the works! That would be my dream, I never seem to take pics that I’m happy with.

    Funny, I would rather that WordPress doesn’t send me emails, but can’t seem to turn that off completely. I use Reader to read all the blogs, as it’s much easier for me.

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  4. Great work over the past few posts (yes, I’ve been reading them backwards). I’m surprised that the AP spray seems to have worked so well over the MDF. Kudos to your young photographer as well on some amazing looking shots!

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