Well apart from the obligatory basing ‘not done yet’ comment!

The Leonardo tank and knights finished tonight.

A side view on the knights.

The lances were separate, some twit never thought to check they would fit! It could be the reason that they are bent! The lances are rather long, these haven’t been glued in yet so I could replace them with something a bit shorter if needs be.

I am quite pleased with how these have progressed, roughly ten days start to finish. And if truth be known I painted more than I actually needed as there are two bases of spears, a cannon and a second Lurker done too.

This is my initial army list, it may change as I think about it 😉 I don’t want an über army that is a bit on the extreme side, but the spares allow me to have a think about things.

General/ hero @ 4 points

Behemoth (tank) @ 4points

Blades (sword and buckler men) x 2@2 points

Shooters (crossbows and aquibusiers)x 2 @ 2 points

Beasts (war dogs) @ 2 points

Lurker (snake or Triffid) @ 1 point

Hordes (native allies) x3 @1 point

Total points 24.

Flexibility of the spares (lurking at the back)…

Lurker @ 1point

Cannon @ 3 points

Spears @ 2 points each.

Unpainted are a lot more Spaniards and a lot more Aztecs, so the possibilities are endless 😉, well maybe not as I would have to paint lots more.

Part of me is tempted to get the Aztecs painted up for a second army choice. It is possible, but with only ten days to do it in then I might be pushing my luck. 🤔

What to paint next, is now on my mind??? But first get the bases on these finished, and then onto something new ( probably the hundreds of 10mm Mongols) or an Aztec army. 🙄

Finally my measuring templates came today.

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