Managed to crack on a bit tonight.

The swords and spears are almost finished, the shooty things are not far behind.

This leaves the command group and the cavalry to sort out.

I have made a start on the Triffid as seen in the photo above, and also, the tank is put together. A simple case of glueing the top and bottom together followed by the guns.

I will get it started sometime soon.

I decided to see what the horde looked like alongside the conquistadors,

To be honest, I am quite pleased with them. There is enough colour in the Spaniards to group them together as a fighting force.

I am ashamed to say that tonight’s painting was brought to you by this!

I still can’t see how the person that made the ‘Lord of the Rings’ also made this. Chalk and Cheese. I was looking for the Road to Eldorado, but came across this first.

I will finish the trilogy (trilogy!) and then start on the proper films 😂😂😂

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